#1020 Australian Surfer Wins the Right to Keep Tooth of Shark that Almost Killed Him


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7 people were arrested after finding the mummified remains of a woman inside a Colorado home last week… An Australian man has won the right to keep a tooth of the shark that almost killed him... A man was charged with attempted murder and denied bail after driving into a group at a park... 3 men have been arrested after shooting each other with BB-guns... A man was accidentally killed from a relative’s gun at a bar fight in Texas... A Florida teen accused of rigging the Homecoming Queen court with her mother will be charged as an adult… A Florida woman was arrested after throwing a Whopper at an employee, she was angry over the thickness of her tomato… A 35-year-old-man was arrested after police found 150 pounds of cocaine that he was driving with in his car… A farmer inadvertently changed geography by moving his country’s border with France by moving a rock in his way…

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