384: How to Create a High Performing Team at Home and at Work


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Having high performers work with me at home and in the business has allowed me to have more time and a greater impact, but it wasn't always like this! I have made several hiring mistakes over the years and my hope is that this episode will help you surround yourself with a high performing team that allows you to stay focused on the work and home responsibilities that are most fulfilling to you.

Have you ever wondered why your team isn’t as outstanding as you’d hoped for? Creating a high performing team is something that every CEO wants. But not every leader knows how to create a workplace environment where collaboration comes naturally and everyone brings each other up, smashes goals and works together to drive the business forward.

When your team isn’t performing to your standards, it can often feel like you’re tolerating too much. This isn’t the ‘dream team’ you hoped for when you launched your business and you don’t have to put up with it. If you’re fed up with mediocre team members and want to learn how to build a high performing team that you can be proud of, tune into this special episode with Shelli Warren!

This week Shelli shares her unique twist on the five key factors of creating a high performing team. As Shelli points out in the podcast, once you know how to create a high performing team, you’ll never settle for anything less again.

Are you ready to stack a team that can deliver?

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