370: How She Specialized and Bought Back Her Time with Melisa Galasso


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Is your business thriving, but at a cost to your personal life? Working on building a six-figure business doesn’t come without making sacrifices. Continuing to pivot takes ambition, determination, and dedication. But what happens when your waitlist keeps growing and you’ve got no means to meet the demand?

Melisa Galasso is the founder of Galasso Learning Solutions LLC, where she provides in-person and virtual custom training courses for CPA’s (Certified Professional Accountants). Melisa is one of our Mastermind clients and when we first met, she had already grown her business to multi six-figures in revenue. As the only person in her business, Melisa had single-handedly pivoted a highly profitable business with very little overhead.

Although her professional life was glowing, she was falling behind on home projects. The weight of her responsibilities at work began weighing heavy on her shoulders. She spent a lot of her time doing administration for her business and it wasn’t long before she maxed out the number of days she could work in a year. She needed help, which is why she came to us to help her figure out what was next for her business.

In this episode, Melisa opens up about some of the challenges she faced when buying back time at home and at work. She knew she needed to make changes in her business and reveals how she found her unique specialty and grew her multi six-figure business.

More time can’t be bought. But it can be bought back. Let’s find out how!

We discuss:

  • How Melisa grew her lucrative business by finding and focusing on her unique specialty
  • How to pivot your business when your schedule is fully booked
  • Strategies and creative ways to buy back your time

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