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Our most recent Podcast interview is with BJA Member, “Peacock.” Peacock has been a Member for several years now, is a multiple time Bootcamp attendee, and ran a two man team with another BJA Member.

One thing that makes Peacock’s story unique is that he fits in being a card counter around being President of a fairly large-sized company. But he enjoys the hustle of beating the casinos just as much as the next AP!

In this podcast we discuss:

– What would possess an executive to become a card counter

– What his training and testout process were like

– What the board of his company thinks of his “hobby”

– What motivates him now as an AP

  • Playing outside the US

    – What he would do differently (if he did it all over again)

    Enjoy the interview, then let us know what else you’d like to hear about on the Podcast!Podcast Interview with BJA Member Peacock

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