The Blacklist Draws on Animation - San Diego Comic-Con Panel 2020


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The Blacklist returned to San Diego Comic-Con, virtually, to talk about the animated end to season 7 with the team behind the scenes from Proof Inc. Plus a teaser on the start of season 8!

The Blacklist @ Comic-Con

NBC's The Blacklist series creator/executive producer Jon Bokenkamp, executive producer John Eisendrath, series stars Diego Klattenhoff (Donald Ressler), and Harry Lennix (Harold Cooper), were joined by Proof, Inc's visualization supervisors Adam Coglan and Matt Perrin to discuss how they stepped up to the challenge of completing season 7 with partial animation after production was shut down due to the pandemic. Moderated by Philiana Ng, senior editor, Entertainment Tonight. Watch Now!

If you have not seen this creative animated episode yet you can catch this unique season finale hour of "The Blacklist" on Peacock and the NBC app!

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