Bonus Episode: Is everyone self-promoting and being tone deaf now, or is that perception?


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Feels like everyone is out there trying to hustle their widgets these days as opposed to like, I dunno, think about people dying and losing jobs? We don't want to constantly talk about the pandemic, no. We want to have some degree of normal conversation and figure out where everything stands. But at this moment, any marketing or sales email type deal -- or any post online, really -- can land as self-promotional and tone-deaf. But is that the reality, or is that just because our perception of that stuff is heightened in this moment? Plus: the role of the Internet. Plus: Calvin and Hobbes. Plus: some company in Montreal. Oh, and by the way, the guest is my friend David, who was also the guest on my first-ever episode, which was entitled "Existential Adriftness." Talk about a moment we are in now...

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