Episode 33: Partisanship, Texas girls, religion, loss, relationships, and catching up


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This is a conversation with my friend Ben from high school. Back then his nickname was “Big Red.” His nickname might still be that; I don’t know. We’ve been out of high school 20+ years at this point. Gimme a break, OK? He went off to Duke. I went off to Georgetown. We actually talk a little bit about that in the beginning -- we clearly came from an “elite” academic institution, but we still have mutual friends from back when who share the dumbest stuff possible on Facebook. We also went to HS with Randi Zuckerberg, Mark’s sister, so there’s some on that. Also: men in therapy, losing your mom, adult relationships, Texas girls, partisanship, finding religion in your 30s, and just two dudes catching up after a couple of decades. It was fun to tape. Hopefully you listen to some of it! Let’s roll. I’m talking about the Jared Diamond book “Upheaval” as we get started.

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