Episode 40: What two skills should your kids leave the house with?


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I’ll keep this intro short, but I’ll make it a tad personal. Last summer (2019), I had just been piped out of this agency gig that I thought would have ended up better. Instead, I was there eight months, it largely seemed like most people disliked me, and I had a very unceremonious exit. Because of that and largely being fed up with the broader work ecosystem and how people get gigs and jobs, I was kind of a mess for part of summer ‘19, day-drinking and the like. Nothing I’m really proud of. Well, I have a couple of decent in-real-life friends who were helpful in that time, and then I have a few “Internet friends” who also were. Mike Simmons is my guest on this episode, and he falls into the latter category. Always down to discuss work or football or working out or finding mentors or getting better as a person. Interesting dude. This is about maybe 45 minutes of us talking about a wide variety of topics, including parenting, learning, the movie Cast Away, and more. We come back to COVID-19 a lot, though, and in fact we’re going to start there in terms of how to communicate with your team regarding what’s happening in the business in these moments. Let’s roll.

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