Episode 47: That first wedding you attend post-divorce | Reaction vs. response | Expectations | COVID as a near-death experience


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This guest is named Diana. If you scroll back in your podcast player from this episode all the way to Number 29 of this show, it’s the same guest. We originally met in June 2003 doing Teach for America, both of us training in Houston. OK, so Episode 29 -- not this one -- is largely about an assessment she sent me and I completed and what that says about me and her as professionals. So that’s a little bit more of a “work” episode, and this is a little bit more of a “personal” episode, because we’ve both been divorced somewhere among the 17 summers since we first met. The core difference contextually is probably that she’s still close with her ex and they have a spot in each other’s lives, which is not my experience. But we talk about a bunch of stuff in this episode, including the first wedding you attend after your own divorce, which can be trippy. Plus: expectations, reaction vs. response, coaching, COVID as a near-death experience, and more. Alright, let’s get into it.

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