Episode 50: A loving shout-out to all the micro-creators who put good stuff into the universe every hour


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Not everyone scales rapidly, "hyper-grows," or gets acquired by Spotify or another platform. And I think it's OK that we acknowledge the FULL spectrum of content creators, not just the bigger names. Ya know? So to hit 50 episodes on this growing-but-not-really-popular podcast, I wanted to give them a dime of encouragement.

Why can’t we just celebrate the idea of creation and new initiatives, even if they don’t scale rapidly or make billions of dollars?

This is just a short post to make this point: sometimes it’s OK to create a small thing, or a thing that serves a small purpose and doesn’t “hyper-scale.” Not everyone needs to be Amazon, or Joe Rogan, or whatever. Some people just create little things and a few people find them and you know what? That’s OK — and we should be acknowledging those people for being brave enough to create something out in that universe, chaotic as it may be.

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