Episode 51: How do you define yourself? | Why aren't people paying attention? | The value of being a lazy bum


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Sometimes in the weird freelance bubble that I’ve called home since 2015 or so, you randomly encounter people on the Internet who click “like” on some of your stuff, and then here and there you do a few work projects with them and can call them friends or acquaintances from afar. That’s the story with D’Nelle here, the guest on this episode. I dragged my feet a little on posting this because of other BS in my life, but it’s actually a really good conversation on defining yourself, the value of laziness, and how we’re all angry that people are not paying enough attention at a time when we’re all supposedly needing to pay more attention. Let’s get to it. We’re gonna start by talking about COVID’s impact on her business and her partner’s business.

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