Episode 63: Friends after you move, The Platinum Rule, Midwest vs. Everybody, sports, Amazon, and more


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This interview is with Joe Matar, a Marketing VP at Brazen, which is a top virtual events platform, including career fairs. We initially met back in February of 2018, because I was helping work a RecruitingDaily event at Brazen’s HQ in Virginia. We bonded over some funny leadership stuff and sports. Joe is a big Wisconsin guy, i.e. Bucks, Brewers, Packers. I have an odd fascination with the Bucks, so that got us going, and then we saw each other at a couple of trade shows along the way pre-COVID. This is a discussion about sports, leadership, working at Amazon, the Midwest vs. the coasts, making friends after you move for work, “the platinum rule,” and more. Hope you enjoy it. Let’s roll.

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