Episode 81 - Adem Gunaydin


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The real Adam 22 met up with me a couple weeks ago up at Catty Woods before we headed over to the Posh High Air contest (Episode #80). I've had a gut feeling about Adem for some time since meeting him at the Wheel Mill during the 2nd stop of the Uncovered BMX indoor park series in Pittsburgh, PA a little over a year ago. I'm a huge proponent of using those first years of being an adult to figure out what you want out of life. It's tough! It is easier when you don't conform too early. Everybody is different but I believe that taking chances and really exploring life's options is huge. So many people learn this unintentionally through any of the BMX disciplines because of the experiences BMX can take you on. It's an adventure that truly makes the journey complete. Listen closely as Adem describes his trip through his early 20's so far. Thank you Adam for taking that chance to say hello and talk about how The BMX In Our Blood encouraged him to unlock himself from the grind. Next up for the podcast, the TRA BMX race on September 21st! Hope to see you all there and be sure to come say hi!

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