756 - 04/18/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Oculus Air Link, Days Gone Designer Blames Consumers


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We start off with a viewer comment about E3 going digital and reiterating the importance of networking when in the technology industry, and how a digital E3 eliminates one of the main avenues that the industry used for networking. Oculus has announced Oculus Air Link, a new way for the Oculus Quest 2 to play PC VR titles wirelessly - as long as you have a great wifi connection to a wired PC. The Creative Designer of Days Gone blamed consumers for the lack of a Days Gone sequel, stating that many of them didn't buy the game at full price and waited for it to go on sale or show up on PlayStation Plus, and that's why there's no sequel. Then we talk to OLR about consumer trust of AAA developers and publishers and why that can affect week one sales.

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