S3 Ep. 6: Accepting Weight Gain in Eating Disorder Recovery with Ashley Seruya


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Ashley Seruya, social worker, virtual assistant, and content creator specializing in Health at Every Size, fat activism, eating disorder recovery, body liberation, and intuitive eating, joins The Body Image Podcast for an episode not to miss. Inside the show, Ashley shares her personal journey of weight gain in eating disorder recovery and how to accept it. Ashley also shares:

  • Factors she feels are overlooked in body image work,
  • How to tolerate weight gain in eating disorder and diet culture recovery,
  • What recovery means,
  • Why the concept of body positivity often feels daunting,
  • The importance of body neutrality,
  • Coping with anxiety from weight gain,
  • The fear of weight gain in recovery and with intuitive eating,
  • Fatphobia and weight stigma,
  • Weight stability in recovery,
  • Understanding the source of your body and food beliefs,
  • Being fat in recovery,
  • What healthy means, and
  • So much more!

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