S3 Ep. 7: Anxiety, Body Image & Learning to Be With Your Body with Ingrid Helander


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Ingrid Helander, Marriage and Family Therapist, Author, and Personal Growth Consultant joins The Body Image Podcast for a beautiful, calming, and heart opening episode. Inside the episode, Ingrid delves deep into the connection between our nervous system, emotions, and how we feel in and about our bodies.

More specifically, inside the show we discuss:

  • The connection between fear, anxiety, and body image,
  • How our nervous system is involved with how we feel in and about our body,
  • The interplay between our nervous system and how we respond to body cues,
  • How to show compassion to all parts of yourself, even the parts you don’t necessarily like,
  • An often overlooked piece of self-compassion,
  • How to worry less about what others think about your body or food choices,
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) in body image and food work,
  • How to kindly connect with your body and self,
  • How to calm your nervous system and why this matters,
  • Trauma and the body, and
  • So much more.

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