S3 Ep. 8: Breaking Free from The Wellness Diet & Diet Culture with Christy Harrison


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Christy Harrison, Intuitive Eating Coach & Anti-Diet Dietitian, is joining The Body Image Podcast for an episode you won't want to miss.

Inside the episode, Christy's delves into:

  • The origin’s of her new book, Anti-Diet: Why Obsessing Over What You Eat is Bad for Your Health. Reclaim Your Time, Money, Wellbeing, and Happiness through Intuitive Eating,
  • Why individuals with disordered eating often fall through the cracks,
  • What “The Wellness Diet” is,
  • The invention of the “obesity epidemic” and why it's harmful to health,
  • Why the intentional pursuit of wellness may not always be best for your wellbeing,
  • The nocebo effect and dieting,
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing in relation to health,
  • Dieting as "The Life Thief,"
  • Christy’s personal story of finding health at every size (HAES),
  • What surprised Christy the most in writing her book,
  • What weight cycling is and how it affects health,
  • How weight stigma affects health,
  • How to engage in health without engaging in intentional weight loss,
  • And so much more!

If you're at crossroads and would like to stop dieting, but are concerned or anxious about a health at every size, weight inclusive, intuitive eating approach to health, this episode is especially for you.

Christy's website // Christy's new book, Anti-Diet

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