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Guest host Morgan Sweeney asks Chris and Jonathan about blood! You will learn that blood is not a magical elixir but rather “water and stuff.” Featuring references to Archer, The Simpsons, Ryan George, and a recurring digression into Stephen King’s work, for some reason. After discussing King’s IT, it’s becoming obvious that The Body of Evidence is no longer a family-friendly show.

1:38 Why blood?

3:35 Handling blood is fine but this other bodily fluid?

5:12 Blood transfusions are not always blood transfusions

13:37 The theory behind why women have fewer heart attacks

14:46 Blood is transport

16:07 Where’s the DNA?

19:10 Chris’ medical license gets revoked

22:51 Criteria for donating blood

28:00 HIV and blood donations

34:02 The bad incentives of blood money

38:26 Chris’ kitchen blood drive

40:30 Stephen King’s The Dead Zone

43:47 The Shining traumatized Jonathan

44:46 It ends with children, uh, having a….

49:30 Blood: keep it on the inside

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1) Morgan’s podcast, Magic of the Mind: http://magicofthemind.ca/

2) Canadian Blood Services: https://www.blood.ca/en

3) Ryan George’s Pitch Meeting for IT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dw4u2A9F4g

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