BLAH 96 | The Laws of Ice and Fire, with Clint Woods


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In a terribly clever title, I invite Clint Woods aka The Laws of Ice and Fire (see what I did there?) to talk about, well, the laws of ice and fire. We start slowly with the narrow and easily answered question of whether there’s a rule of law in Westeros, and we dive deep into the weeds from there on.

From inheritance rights to class-based justice, from sexism embedded in the legal code to guest right, from the role of tradition to the chances for reform, we cover the broad picture of how law is exercised in Westeros.

If you think this is exciting, then you’ll be glad to learn that we had an absolute blast recording this episode and will surely be back sooner rather than later to narrow the discussion from the broader themes in this episode to more concrete questions. So view this as part one, if you will. Thanks again to Clint for doing this.

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