42 - BORN: raising mental health awareness & changing lives (an interview with Peter Lee)


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Welcome to a very special, extended version of The Bottomless Pit Podcast. This time around, James interviews one of the most hard-working, inspirational, and determined people you'll meet. His name is Peter Lee and he runs a company called BORN, whose aim is to raise awareness of mental health and to help anyone and everyone who is struggling with mental health issues. Now, the position that Pete is in, is one that uniquely qualifies him for such a role. He is someone who suffered, for 19 years from the age of 6, with rather severe mental health problems for reasons that will become clear in the podcast. As someone who's been there, Pete is not satisfied with the way that the NHS (that's our national health service in England), and more so the media, approaches and sculpts its attitudes and opinions towards mental health. With BORN, Pete is incredibly open about his own issues and the causes behind them, in an attempt to help others, who are too scared of talking or asking for help, to feel safe and supported in the knowledge that there is in fact someone they can talk to. In fact, you will hear later in this episode, that Pete has built a whole community of people who are there to talk about all of these things. BORN has been through many evolutions, since its conception a few years ago. Originally it was very much connected to Pete's number one passion at the time, which was basketball… as you'll hear, basketball was something that Pete used as a distraction from his mental illnesses, so much so that he trained himself up to a level where he was offered professional contracts in the UK and North America. After realising that basketball wasn't what he wanted, Pete turned down those offers and moved onto a new passion, powerlifting. BORN then became very much associated with raising mental health awareness through the sport, as he noticed that powerlifting had a very supportive and open community of competitors and fans. From this, BORN has gone its own way and has become what it is today, one big family of people who have suffered with mental illness, are currently going through problems, people whose family and friends have suffered, or simply people who want to learn and help to spread the word on this topic. I mentioned earlier that Pete is very open about his own issues and the causes behind them… I also mentioned that this is a very special extended version of The Bottomless Pit Podcast. That's because the first part of this episode is actually audio taken from Pete's own podcast, "Born to talk", in which he sits in front of a mic and tells you all about everything he has been through… from the 19 years long of constant physical abuse, to mental health issues, which have led to suicide attempts in the past, all the way to the time he said "enough is enough" and asked for help. This part of the podcast tells Pete's story pretty much up until the conception of BORN, as it is today, and James wanted to know what his story has been since then. So, just before Christmas 2017, he met up with Pete and interviewed him. This one starts of quite heavy so please listen at your own discretion. This is quite possible the most important episode of the podcast to date. BORN Website: https://www.whatwereyouborntodo.co.uk/ BORN Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/764117820427601/?ref=br_rs YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JRKDMG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhatWereYouBornToDo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pete_born Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pete_born/ Podcast: Born to Talk

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