The Boundless Heart | unapologetic feminist discussions on relationships & equality explicit


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Empowering women into shameless self-respect, independence, and equal partnership. You'll learn how to show up as your fully authentic self and set healthy boundaries in all relationships. We’ll tackle patriarchal problems—the ones that say women should be seen (in certain ways, shapes, and sizes) not heard, stay small and silent, and be “good girls.” You'll hear real stories and practical advice from those of us who have overcome co-dependency, people pleasing, and low self-worth. Here, you'll rise into your fully expressed self and stay there, so you walk and talk with confidence, speak your truth, and claim space. Isn’t it about time people respect you? I’m on a mission to teach women around the world how to treat themselves with the dignity, respect , honor, and love they deserve. When we treat ourselves better, humanity will treat us—and the Earth—better, too. I'm so glad you're on this journey with us! xo, LC

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