Boundless Opinion Polls: Episode 639


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Your opinions on everything from pizza to weddings, plus that messy place called “church,” and addressing hurtful comments in dating. Featured musical artist: Abandon Roundtable: Millennial Hot Takes We asked, and you answered. Opinions on everything from home ownership to worship styles to type of pizza. How do Boundless fans feel about these topics and more, and what do your opinions say about you? From the fun and frivolous to the more meaningful, this is a fun discussion on personal preferences in today’s day and age. Culture: Not Just a Building Megan Hill grew up in church and is still in church. She’s been a pastor’s kid and pastor’s wife. She’s had a complicated relationship with the church, but she loves it just the same. We should, too, she says. Why the church is more than a building, and what we can find there when we’re willing to dig in, join up and be known. Inbox: Hurtful Words She dated him, broke up and they’re now speaking again. They may even start dating again. Just one problem: He said some hurtful things when the relationship went south, and she doesn’t think she should just let them go. Should they be addressed now, or is the past the past? Counselor Tim Sanford offers advice.

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