4 Things God Wants You to Do: Episode 640


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Adapting to changes in your church’s leadership, plus God’s will made simple(r), and dating someone who’s had suicidal thoughts. Roundtable: Church Leadership Transitions Anyone who’s been part of a church for any amount of time has seen leaders come and go. While some transitions go smoothly, others can be heartbreaking. From simple staffing changes to church splits and scandals, leadership transitions take patience, grace and faith. This discussion will help you keep your faith strong during changes at church — including when to dig in and adapt, and when to let go and move on. Culture: The Four Wills of God “Is grad school in my future?” “Should I marry her?” “Is this the right job?” As Christians, we wrestle with questions like these when trying to find God’s will for our lives. When Dr. Emerson Eggerichs studied Scripture on this issue, he discovered there are some clear guidelines for how God calls us to live — but also a lot of flexibility. He specifically gives us four things that God absolutely wants us to do. After that, there’s freedom. Taken to heart, we find that God’s will isn’t so complicated after all. Inbox: Dating and Suicidal Thoughts She met him online and he seems like a good guy. However, he’s already confessed to previous struggles with mental illness, including depression and suicidal thoughts. He claims to be in a good place now, but should she trust his claims? Counselor Rob Jackson gives some helpful thoughts.

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