Andre Obradovic: Are You Addicted To Exercise? And Avoiding Overtraining, Integrating Intensity, And Nasal Breathing


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I connect with Australian endurance and life coach Andre Obradovic for his fourth appearance on the show.

We discuss some important strategies to pursue your fitness goals in a healthy manner - even extreme endurance goals which can often compromise health. We talk about the recent contention by some about whether cardio is even necessary, as it is known that one can obtain an excellent cardiovascular training effect through intense strength training and sprinting. Of course, if you have specific endurance goals, you will need to simulate the experience in training. Beyond that, it seems everyone can benefit from integrating truly explosive movement into their training regimen.

We also ask the listeners the important question: Are you addicted to exercise? I recount 11 questions you can ask yourself to identify addiction, as covered in my show with food addiction expert Dr. Joan Ifland. We talk about how mainstream fitness programming is by and large too stressful for the average participant, and this extends from endurance coaching and group training to HIIT sessions in the gym to home-based workouts. Andre harps repeatedly on the dangers of chronic overproduction of cortisol from ill-advised workouts and stressful lifestyle circumstances, and explains how this will inhibit fat burning and actually promote fat storage.

We check back in on the breakthrough concept of nasal diaphragmatic breathing, which we covered extensively in the last show with Andre. I’m amazed to report that my continued devotion to the concept, despite frustrating lack of progress, is finally paying off! My BOLT score is now routinely at :40 (excellent), having progressed from a routinely :20 score (barely passing grade). It’s definitely paying off during my sprint workouts, as I’m not gasping for air after 200 meter sprints as I was doing previously.

If you have questions for a future show, especially about endurance training, send them to and we’ll get Andre back on in the future!


Obradovic talks about his gentle coaching approach as well as asking the question: Are you addicted to exercise? [01:20]

The country of Australia has been in total lockdown for two years. [05:56]

The whole rationale for performing sustained steady state cardiovascular exercise is being second guessed. [08:47]

Rather than thinking and saying, “I have to exercise,” think, “How am I going to move today?” [12:19]

The more narrow your fitness goals, the more of a sacrifice you make for your health. [14:25]

Are you addicted? Exercise? Food? Social media? [21:53]

Brad lists 11 questions as a test of addiction. Take the quiz. [23:37]

The more exercise you do, the more money the fitness industry makes. [30:19]

The Ironman began with a group of drunk Navy guys in Hawaii. We’ve all bought into it. [32:01]

Any muscular activity, even for a brief time, still gets an A plus in cardio. [35:29]

The chronic overproduction of cortisol is a red flag. [38:20]

The default human metabolic state is to be a fat burner. [42:10]

Breathe through your nose while doing a variety of different drills. [45:40]

The bottom line is to breathe through your nose only as minimally as possible at all times. [56:21]

People can get very confused about the conflicting information that is available whether it be someone who is preparing for a competition or someone just wanting to be fit. Where do you start? [58:19]

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Rest is important. Are you getting the right advice from the right expert? [01:05:48]


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