Andre Obradovic: Losing Body Fat, Aerobic Training, And Nasal Breathing


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What a pleasure it is to welcome health and endurance coach Andre Obradovic back to the podcast!

In this show, we will be taking you through a step-by-step process on how to become a healthy, fit endurance athlete, as well as how to become a healthier person just in general—if you want to feel better and also drop some excess body fat, then this is the episode for you! We’ll be touching on how to preserve your health as you pursue fitness goals, the best ways to emphasize aerobic development, and how to excel in endurance sports. We also spend a big chunk of this show focusing on the exciting and emerging topic of nasal breathing, from how this applies to workouts and improving peak performance, to how it can help manage stress and even improve all aspects of health in everyday life. Finally, click here to watch Andre conduct a BOLT test (click here to read my blog post, Breaking Down Breathing, if you don’t know what that is) and hit the exceptional 0:45 duration with ease!


It is important to really examine your body composition no matter if you are an athlete or just someone who wants to be healthier. [01:22]

If a person is overweight, they first need to understand why they got to be overweight. [05:40]

Many trainers are giving the wrong advice. One is calories in and calories out! [09:04]

Getting enough sleep is better than overworking at the gym. Learning to train in the MAF method should be the goal. [10:10]

Learn to breathe through your nose rather than your mouth. [12:01]

The calmer we can be, the better we can burn fat. [17:48]

Andre encourages athletes to forget about how many kilometers and what pace they’ve run but rather focus more on how you feel after training. [20:33]

Slow down in pursuit of improvement. [23:19]

Only eat when you are hungry, not because the clock tells you it’s lunch time. [27:32]

Most people breathe too much and this alters the gases in your blood and reduces oxygen delivery to our organs. [32:01]

Tape your mouth closed when you sleep. [41:06]

Take a Bolt Test to understand your breathing and how to improve your breathing. [44:04]

Think of your breathing as being in five gears. Learn to breathe properly, and your performance will improve. [50:32]

Where does the strength element, explosive element fit into the big picture for total and balanced fitness? [57:24]

It is important for you to schedule and plan your training goals. There are areas of exercise that are important for you to do even though you might not like to do them. [01:03:05]


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