Boosting Testosterone And Avoiding The Slippery Slope Downhill, Part 1 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Today we’re talking about the very relevant and important topic of boosting testosterone in the face of all the obstacles and toxins modern life poses.

Research has revealed that the average testosterone level of today’s male has been dropping at a steady rate of around one percent per year from generations past, and in this show, you’ll find out what the cause of this is, and more importantly, how you can avoid it. I discuss the effect all that artificial light and digital stimulation (especially after dark) has on our bodies and hormone levels, as well as what causes certain men to develop an excess of breast tissue.

Even though it seems like the average, modern male is turning into a flabby, floppy Mr. Softie, you do not need to go down this path, even though it is a slippery slope. From sleep to exercise to relationship conflicts, every part of our life affects our health, and this show will give you all the tools you need to boost testosterone naturally.


The average testosterone level of today's male is dropping at a rate of around 1% per year from generations past. [01:52]

We are exposed to environmental estrogens by being surrounded by electromagnetics, using mobile devices, and being exposed to plastics. [03:27]

Many lifestyle behaviors have an impact on the declining testosterone. [04:11]

If you take testosterone through exogenous means like shots or pellets, and then do not make healthy lifestyle changes, you’re not going to get results that you want. [07:30]

Optimizing healthy lifestyle practices is the best way to promote male hormones and minimize risk factors that surround us. Sleep is number one. [11:05]

We have to optimize our evening sleep habits, and that starts with a mellow, dark, quiet, calm, relaxing evening. Plan your downtime to lower stress. [13:20]

Number two is junk food. Get rid of processed foods and look for the most nutrient dense foods. [16:32]

Relationship conflict, anger, resentment, arguing, and nitpicking are huge testosterone killers. [21:59]

Doing the wrong kind of exercise is a testosterone depleting situation. Have some extensive low- level movement every day. A work block of 30 minutes is plenty. [26:00]


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