Boosting Testosterone And Avoiding The Slippery Slope Downhill, Part 2 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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In part two, we dive into the most important sleep and diet tips that will help you boost testosterone.

The biggest takeaways are to minimize screen use as night approaches, and to keep your bedroom as dark as possible. You also want your sleep environment to be as mellow and quiet as possible. And while screen entertainment is undeniably fun, let yourself rethink the choice to wind down at night with screen time. What are some alternative options you can do instead? I suggest reading, doing a nighttime yoga routine for flexibility and mobility (there are tons of free ones on Youtube!), taking the dog out for some air and activity, calling a friend to catch up and experience some live social interaction, taking a walk around the block, or journaling. That TV show or whatever it is you wanted to watch on TV will be on Youtube forever, so you might as well use this precious evening time to truly wind down for bed.

I also touch on the importance of a clean diet and talk about the list of things everyone should eliminate, such as inflammatory, oxidative junk food, refined seed oils, sugars, and grains. Another major thing to watch out for is the hyperpalatable pairing of sugar and fat together – sure, it tastes great, but nothing will make you gain weight faster!

Finally, there’s nothing like the power of superfoods like organ meats or supplements. I talk about my latest smoothie concoction, a superfood blend that keeps me full for hours, and elaborate on how supplementing with organ meat pills has made everything, from athletic performance to recovery, better.

If you want to re-energize your body at the cellular level and trigger a natural boost in testosterone production, check out Ancestral Supplements Male Optimization Formula with Organs here for more details and a special product discount.


As we age, we have much less margin for error in some of the things we used to do when we were younger. [01:37]

Getting sufficient sleep comes down to the battle with screen entertainment versus a more relaxed ritual at bedtime. [03:09]

Block the blue light with protective lenses that are UV rated. It’s important to get the oranges, reds and yellow colors going at night rather than offensive blue and white lights. [05:16]

Just looking at a pile of clutter of unfinished projects will provoke a subconscious stress hormone response. [10:33]

The bedroom should be completely dark. [11:15]

You really shouldn’t have to get up at night to pee. [14:12]

Expose your eyes to sunlight first thing in the morning….not staring at the sun, of course. [16:14]

You need to cool down your body temperature to have a deep sleep. [19:13]

The first and foremost priority for a better diet is a total elimination of inflammatory oxidative junk food, starting with the refined industrial seed oils. [22:51]

The hyper-palatable foods like those with sugar and fats together, encourage you to eat what is unhealthy. [27:19]

Don’t worry about whether you are paleo, primal, carnivore, keto, etc. With the knowledge you have gained about diet, personal preference is choosing clean foods in a diet that work for you. [30:31]


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