B.rad Rebroadcast: The Amazing Benefits Of Microworkouts


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If you’ve ever wanted to find an easy way of increasing your amount of general everyday movement while also elevating your baseline fitness level, look no further than the #1 fitness breakthrough in recent decades, microworkouts!

Microworkouts are a highly efficient way of ensuring that moving around more becomes a deeply ingrained part of your habitual behavior, without the added stress that can come with pre-planned workouts. In this episode, I discuss the many benefits of microworkouts and give tips on how to easily incorporate them into your daily routine too. I share some of my favorite exercises to do and use a few examples of things I’ve added to my home and home office to illustrate how easy it is to incorporate this practice into your daily life. Of course there are benefits in going to the gym or exercise classes, such as instant motivation and natural camaraderie, but sustaining a committed fitness routine in the face of everyday life can be a daunting task: things get in the way, unexpected events throw you off your pre-planned schedule, there are always errands and chores to take care of, work commitments, kids and pets that need to tending to…. the list goes on.

We all experience days that are busier than anticipated, and after a full day of running around and trying to get everything accomplished, most people are too tired to even think about working out—and this is where microworkouts come in. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just someone who struggles to get it done and adhere to a steady fitness routine, microworkouts are a wonderful addition to your fitness regimen, as they help you become more active throughout the day (every day), instead of just in isolated moments, and your efforts, while seemingly small, truly add up over time.

Because this is a rebroadcast episode, I’ve included some new notes and suggested modifications, such as the importance of being sure to warm up first, which I feel wasn’t emphasized enough before.


Life is busy and we don’t always have time for a perfect workout experience. [01:31]

It is important to warm up first, appropriate to your level. [04:28]

Micro workouts are getting a lot of attention rather than a formal exercise time. Squats are a good start. [06:34]

When you don’t go regularly to the gym, you may find it easy to overdo it and get injured and tired. [09:58]

Brad’s micro workouts are at home, particularly with the hexagonal deadlift bar and pull-up bar. [12:47]

Micro workouts break up the workday and keep you moving all day. [15:34]

Take a luxurious rest between sets. [20:33]


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