Brad’s Daily Routine: Fitness, Food, Fun, Focus And More! Part 2 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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Welcome to part 2 of our journey around the clock detailing all aspects of my daily routine.

After the detailed presentation in Part 1 covering my morning exercise routine and workout options, it's time to get to work! Part 2 starts out with an honest and unfiltered account of how I spend my workday, from the highlights, like my strong philosophical foundation of pursuing the highest expression of my talents and making a unique contribution; to the low lights of my penchant for distraction by way of the email inbox, doing routine tasks during times of the day better suited for peak cognitive tasks, and drifting away from important responsibilities into the world of YouTube high jump videos. I even take a diversion during the show, while talking about my tendency to get distracted! I also like to do what Gretchen Rubin calls, “procrasticlearing”—fussing around doing efficient and seemingly important tasks, but delaying a deep immersion into challenging and high-priority work.

You'll get some helpful tips and tricks about habit forming and focus inspired by popular books like Deep Work, Atomic Habits, and former podcast guests Gretchen Rubin and Seth Godin. I also talk about my five different “typical” daily eating patterns, and you will pick up some themes about a C&C dietary strategy (could be the title of my next book?), which stands for carnivore-ish and chocolate as my dietary centerpieces. We talk about trying to optimize afternoon work habits, where there is a higher risk of drifting away from peak focus, and detail the all-important topic of napping. We cover evening eating habits, leisure time, and bedtime practices that you may find helpful or at least get a kick out of. Hopefully you will find value in these lengthy shows that will hopefully get you thinking about the best strategies to make the most of your day.


Brad starts his official workday after about 40 minutes of his routine he discussed in the previous podcast. [02:13]

As Brad starts his day, he sometimes uses his computer for other things than his writing, acknowledging his potential for distraction. [05:15]

You should try to strive for two 90-minute bursts per day of peak cognitive performance. [10:03]

Turn that stuff off and get the work done! [13:07]

There are four requirements to succeed in habit change. Make it obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying. [15:05]

You might want to try a habit scorecard where you can look at both good habits and bad habits. A habit must be established before it can be improved [18:04]

Brad organizes his day. He tries to prioritize what’s most important to the high energy times, and save the less important for down time. [21:06]

Find your calling. Do what fits for you. [30:34]

A little bit of a struggle and challenge thrown in there sprinkled into our comfortable, modern life can pay great dividends. [31:33]

Brad prefers email to phone calls so he can control the use of his time better, but it takes discipline not to get distracted. [37:32]

Brad has described his busy workday, and also admits to frittering plenty. [42:37]

It’s important to never get discouraged. [44:31]

Often, we procrast-a-clear, thinking we are getting our mind clear so we can work. [47:22]

Brad varies what he eats during the day as he thinks he should be free of any compulsion or regimentation. [49:17]

The all-important nap is next on Brad’s busy schedule. [59:52]

The afternoon time can be an opportunity to get sidetracked. Micro workouts are how Brad handles that. [01:05:20]

Brad knows how to zone out and calm the pace of the modern technology we are bombarded with. [01:09:14]

When he can, he gets in some speed golf at the end of the day. Then home for dinner. [01:12:05]

It’s virtually impossible to accumulate excess body fat over time if you are eliminating processed foods and eating only predominantly nutrient-dense foods, [01:20:59]

The pairing of carbohydrates and fat is the most damaging combination. [01:23:12]

Evening entertainment consists of visiting, good TV shows, or perhaps catching up on his work that was missed during the day. [01:27:37]


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