Brad’s Diet, Part 2: From Primal To Keto To Carnivore-ish


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Part 2 begins with a quick recap of what I discussed in Part 1 (childhood eating habits, what led me to embrace the primal / ancestral diet in 2008 with Mark Sisson and The Primal Blueprint, the deep immersion into keto and the publication of The Keto Reset Diet in 2017) and then picks up with the story of the major awakening I had in regards to food a few years ago.

I spend some time in this episode summarizing the rationale for and the benefits of an animal-based diet, including second guessing the deeply ingrained idea many people have that colorful fresh produce is the de facto centerpiece of healthy eating as I explain the science behind how these plant toxins affect your body. You’ll hear about the advent of the Carnivore movement as I discuss how the message from leaders like Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Shawn Baker changed my life and challenged my fixed and rigid dietary beliefs, especially this May 2019 podcast episode with Dr. Paul Saladino on Ben Greenfield Fitness where he seemed to blow Ben’s mind—well, he blew my mind too, so we met and hung out in LA and did a podcast, and then I took him to meet Mark Sisson to do another podcast—as you’ll hear, he seemed to blow Sisson’s mind too (yes, Sisson of the daily “Big-Ass Salad”!).

In this episode, you’ll learn all about plant toxins—a variety of chemicals, proteins, and acids that can damage our sensitive digestive systems, upset our delicate hormonal balance, and prevent the release of critical neurotransmitters. I share a list of which foods to avoid (including why roots, leaves, stems, and seeds are the worst offenders) and talk about the way lectins affect the body (like gluten, lectins are widely recognized natural plant toxins that virtually everyone is sensitive to). I also talk a little bit about gluten and how it inflames the digestive tract and triggers an autoimmune response, explain how phytic acid / phytates work in the body (by binding to minerals and inhibiting digestion), and reveal which specific foods have 200 times more estrogen than other foods. We also touch on the issue of oxalates and glycoalkaloids (defined as neurotoxin enzyme inhibitors that impact nervous system function) and talk about sulforaphane (which can inhibit the internal antioxidant system and promote cell death) and isothiocyanates, which can seriously mess with your thyroid health. I also explain the effects that tannins, photosensitizers, salicylates, flavonoids, as well as cyanogenic glycosides, (yes, what makes cyanide!) have on the body.

If you are like me and haven’t been suffering from any acute health conditions, then you probably felt the same way I did before going carnivore-ish, which was, what’s the point of being super strict with your restriction of plant foods if you already think you feel fine? However, as you’ll learn during this show, there are tons of benefits to eliminating plant toxins—and one added benefit is an increased emphasis on the highest-quality animal foods, which ideally includes a lot more organ meats.

Finally, if you’re looking to lose weight, the story of how my joint commitment to go carnivore and fast until 12 noon enabled me to quickly drop eight pounds of excess body fat in exactly three months will probably pique your interest. I attribute this quick and easy success to the natural focus and discipline engendered by my morning fast and narrowed menu options; we forget how easy it is to get derailed from our goals and best intentions by freedom, abundant choice, and the indulgent and decadent cultural influences we are surrounded by daily. And when we are thrown into the mix of daily life without unwavering rules and guidelines in place, it’s easy to experience decision fatigue, depletion of will power, and a consequent unraveling of our best-laid plans. Hopefully my dietary journey and experience with the freedom found within the seemingly narrow confines of carnivore will inspire you to try it out for yourself!


If you were born before 1950, you had the advantage of more fresh home-cooked meals. [01:24]

The most nutritious diet is based in meat, fowl, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds……….and dark chocolate. [04:42]

Brad describes his years of consuming tons of vegetables and the effects on his body. [07:27]

Plant toxins are all kinds of different chemicals, proteins, and acids which have the potential to damage the digestive tract. [17:43]

It is confusing to hear that we should never eats plants so it is important to not go overboard in either direction. [20:46]

Many people are sensitive to these toxins and don’t even know it. The damage to the body is surreptitious. [22:38]

By giving up the salads, the green smoothie, and the stir fry, Brad optimized his health. [29:53]

Maximize the nutrient density of the calories you consume. Grass-fed beef is number one. [33:41]

Be sure that you have the correct information on the salmon you consume. About 90 percent of what is on the market is farmed as opposed to wild-caught. [39:22]

If you are going for excess body fat reduction, give the carnivore diet a try. [42:01]

Carnivore-ish diet includes avocados, mini corn tortillas and dark chocolate. [46:43]


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