Brock Armstrong: How Cognitive Behavior Therapy Can Support Your Fitness Goals


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In this episode, I connect with writer and podcaster, Brock Armstrong, to talk about the functional approach to fitness and movement he has formulated by drawing on his extensive experience in the fitness, movement and wellness industry.

By utilizing his understanding of functional movement, endurance training, muscle building, and the ever-important balance between performance and health, Brock helps people all over the world achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

Brock always brings an exceedingly sensible and balanced perspective to the table, and this episode is no different (click here to listen to his previous interview on the B.Rad podcast). He breaks down how he has been using his background in Cognitive Behavioral Theory to help his clients, and reveals his recent discovery: he can actually make a much bigger difference for his clients if he doesn’t just give them a plan to follow, but instead helps them discover a plan of their own. Brock says, “Truth be told, most people know what they need to do – they just need some help figuring out how to actually do it!”


Brock Armstrong is full of information on all areas of fitness, health, and helping people lose weight as well as coaching and providing mental health therapy. [01:35]

Brock’s new podcast is called Upgraded Fitness. He talks about people’s relationship with food and movement. [05:06]

Brock has learned a lot since he was a ballet dancer about the harm he was doing to his body. [07:51]

After having an infection in his heart, Brock’s awareness of his anxiety over the illness, taught him some good lessons. [09:51]

How does our mindset come into play with our concerns about diet and exercise? What beliefs do I have that are not serving me well? [16:08]

Do you tend to take pot shots and see yourself as right and the others are wrong? Do you have all or nothing thinking? [25:21]

Sometimes the question you have about your behavior is not the real question. [34:37]

Ask why. Ask five whys. [39:11]

When you have a goal, try things that you like to do. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. It won’t sustain. [48:30]

When you have a cold or an injury, you need to stop what you are doing. [52:49]

We all have beliefs whether we realize it or not. Ask yourself why? [01:00:36]



  • “We are afraid to do things wrong – to the point where we don’t do anything.”
  • “Our society has shaped us and turned us into people that think of exercise as punishment, food as reward, and everything in between is just a balance of those two things.”

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