Craig Marker: Accidental Hypertrophy and Anti-Aging Fitness Strategies


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Get ready for an intense and highly informative show that has the potential to transform your approach to high intensity workouts.

Dr. Craig Marker is a leading kettlebell expert and a psychology professor at Emory University in Atlanta. In this fast moving show, we blend scientific insights with great practical takeaways about how to make your workouts more effective and less stressful. We are going to talk about Dr. Craig's landmark article titled HIIT vs HIRT. You'll learn the drawbacks of the traditional application of High Intensity Interval Training and the over reliance on the glycolytic (glucose burning) energy system, and the benefits of High Intensity Repeat Training. This is where you perform brief, explosive efforts and take what Dr. Marker calls “luxurious” rest intervals.

You'll also learn about Dr. Marker's new discovery of what he calls “accidental hypertrophy” where he uses explosive exercise sets to build muscle and reduce body fat in a different manner than the arduous hypertrophy training practiced by bodybuilders. This show is full of great nuggets and fresh insights. You’ll learn why you should emphasize one-legged lower body exercises, and a recommended protocol for a sprint or explosive workout – with work effort duration, recovery interval, number of reps and frequency of workouts. Pay close attention at the end of the show where Dr. Craig discusses the “pendulum” concept for fitness and longevity. It will help you sort out lots of the confusion and dogma about fasting, autophagy and the supposed conflict between fitness and longevity that can be elegantly managed with a pendulum approach.


Dr. Marker is going to tell you how to design a high intensity explosive workout that is best for you. [01:22]

With kettlebell swing, moving it back down to the ground is helpful for explosive jumping. [10:07]

Don’t go too heavy or too quickly with kettlebells. There are many workouts that are harmful. [13:05]

It is so important to learn to do it right with plenty of rest in between. [15:17]

There are potential drawbacks of going and doing these draining depleting workouts. When the glucose is tapped into, it makes you hungrier for glucose. [20:55]

Even though you feel good after one of those heavy-duty training sessions, how you feel isn’t as important as knowing you are building the muscle fibers you need as you grow older. [23:18]

Ammonia toxicity affects the brain’s neurons. [27:21]

An ideally designed HIRT session would consist of a variety of exercises doing 20 seconds on and 40 second rest. You want it to be hard. [30:56]

Earlier in the podcast, Dave mentions his goal of dunking the basketball. What does his preparation look like? [39:15]

What is the one-legged exercise Marker talks about? [42:45]

Accidental hypertrophied condition program is a type of endurance training that builds up lactic acid. [44:10]

We need to go hard to get the most fitness adaptations. What about anti-aging concerns? [53:05]

Think of all of this as a pendulum and think of the stress factors in your life. It can’t be done the same way all the time. [56:28]


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