Dude Spellings: The Power of Microworkouts And How To Reduce Injury Risk As You Age


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Welcome back Dude Spellings!

As an authority on all matters related to diet, exercise, biohacking, and pursuing optimal health, Dude brings many valuable insights and expertise to the table during this show, along with the added benefit of being a fellow 50+ year old.

We discuss the importance of learning how to progress at a steady and comfortable pace and the many benefits that come from letting go of the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality that has been drilled into us, and Dude reveals the methods he uses to create a home environment that sets him up for success. We also talk about how not everyone is able to fast in a productive way (and why), and Dude also reveals what made him become a true believer in micro workouts and their effectiveness.


We talk about how to prevent injuries and continue to progress at a steady and patient and comfortable pace for years and years, even as you advance into the higher age groups. [01:28]

Is it possible to overdo this micro workout concept to where it's compromising your formal workout preparation or fitness goals? [06:55]

Dude did a single leg deadlift to heal the hamstring problem. [10:46]

Micro workouts are really effective. They have improved his golf driving distance. [13:22]

Unfortunately, we who are in the older age group, are enthusiastic for our exercise, and don’t feel the aches and pains until later. [16:17]

People that are starting to get back to training after not being involved, need to be careful about dropping right into a high intensity level training. [19:16]

Doing anything you can to avoid injury, it is going to pay off. [22:52]

By easing up on the weight that you want to lift, you are able to do them more frequently. [27:33]

How does a person figure out how many days or times to have a workout experience, assuming we have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever is optimal? [30:07]

Hiking is an extremely good way to stay in shape. [36:22]

The more fat you burn during your lifetime, the longer you’ll live. [39:05]

If you have a chest freezer, you need to keep it clean and sanitized. Here’s how. [40:21]

Dude did the epic achievement of doing the Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon on very few calories because he thought it would improve his recovery. [43:58]

It’s a big breakthrough to get past the cultural traditions of eating when you are not really hungry. [55:56]

If you are doing something that’s highly glycolytic, it is intense. It is burning up a lot of sugar. [58:28]



  • "If you want to live longer, lift more weights and eat more protein." (Robb Wolf)

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