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In this part three show, we continue to highlight some of the most eye-opening and informative moments from past B.Rad interviews.

We start with a clip featuring my favorite guest (can you guess who it is?) speaking about relationship dynamics, why emotional self-sufficiency is integral to the success of a relationship, and how to identify the markers of emotional maturity. Next, we hear Rip Esselstyn questioning the importance of diet over all other lifestyle factors–are our food choices really the #1 thing to focus on getting 100% right all the time, or would we actually be better served by putting in more effort towards balancing out the other areas of our lifestyle that need more attention and care? Next, some inspiration to keep our environments clean and clutter-free arrives with Gretchen Rubin’s revelation that clutter actually provokes a stress response in the body. We also hear a memorable clip from Seth Godin, who gave me one of the greatest, most life-changing pieces of advice I have ever received for productivity and focus, plus many more interesting insights on a variety of topics!


Brad is highlighting some of his favorite shows starting with Mia Moore where they discuss what makes a healthy relationship. If you are emotionally mature as a couple, conflict shouldn’t be an issue. [00:01]

Never use a complaining tone of voice. [03:23]

Brian McAndrew points out that sometimes the rigid focus on diet is overemphasized. [04:16]

Ray Sydney talks about how he changed his life when he became wealthy. [08:16]

Seth Godin talks about how intensified competition can become. There is a need to learn to focus. [14:20]

Gabby Reece talks about her marriage and how she handles communication. You have to learn how you are triggered, own it and make it safe for communication. [18:13]

Laird Hamilton: never let your memories be bigger than your dreams. [23:07]

Gretchen Rubin’s idea is that clutter will provoke a stress response that you aren’t even aware of. [26:37]

Gretchen Rubin’s book The Four Tendencies helps you identify your personality type and how you pair with other types. [28:23]

Dr. Paul Saladino explains why he is so sold on the carnivore diet and how vegetables and fruits are not beneficial and even may be harmful to some. [30:53]

Debbie Potts talks about how to heal the imbalances and depletions that occur from overtraining and burnout. [36:12]

Angela Mavridis compares her childhood healthy lifestyle in Greece with American culture. [40:04]

Larry Sydney gave up his career goals for Olympic dreams in the sport of Skeleton. He talks about the lessons he learned in sport that applies to business. [44:20]



  • "You can't win the Boston marathon if you stop for cheesecake." (Godin)

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