Lifestyle Tips To Minimize Disease Risk, Part 4 (Breather Episode with Brad)


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In part four, we discuss the importance of getting excess fat off your body. I’ll walk you through practical and effective methods for reducing excess fat, explain why ALL diets are gimmicks toward the ultimate goal of simply eating less food, and talk about the wonderful freedom and the benefits that come from not obsessing over having perfect meals all the time.

I also spend some time sharing a bit about my next book, which is all about the C&C diet. C&C stands for carnivore-ish and chocolate, and this book describes my arduous journey to get back to my racing weight of 26 years ago, and I also give tips for easy ways to simplify your diet and remove decision fatigue and temptation.

I think you’ll enjoy how this episode simplifies the process of losing weight into a few, highly effective steps, such as cutting out hyper palatable processed foods to optimize hunger and satiety hormones, making sure you eat to satiety (this could entail high protein meals and definitively ditching junk food), and of course, considering the big lifestyle factors: sleep, rest, movement, and high intensity exercise.

I also bring up some compelling points from two doctors, Dr. Robert Lustig and Dr. McGuff, that will illuminate some interesting truths about weight loss that don’t get discussed nearly enough: 1) Dr. Lustig says it is impossible to overeat wholesome foods because of the extreme satiety they offer and 2) Dr. McGuff’s point about how adding muscle means you get metabolic efficiency in return (meaning, you’ll burn more calories). Perhaps this is the only way to increase metabolic rate—just ask B.Rad guest Dr. Herman Pontzer, author of Burn, who also contends that you can’t calorie burn your way to fat loss.

We also discuss the importance of fitness, especially of doing fitness correctly, meaning incorporating frequent movement throughout your day so you’re sitting less, doing micro workouts and other exercise, and of course, sprinting. Finally, we touch on the crucial lifestyle factors: sleep and relaxation, minimizing artificial light and digital stimulation after dark so you can align your sleep habits with your circadian rhythm. As you’ll learn during this show, the goal is to have dark, mellow evenings and natural, energetic mornings, as well as setting the goal of getting enough down time. Yes, this is considered a health practice! Take time to just relax, take a nap, walk the dog, or start the day with down time. The brain can only focus for 20 minute stints before it needs to take a break, otherwise you’ll feel yourself start to zone out.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!


Brad reviews the things he covered in the three previous Lifestyle Tips podcasts. [01:21]

Getting that excess fat off your body is a prominent goal. Two thirds of the American population is now categorized as overweight or obese. [03:28]

Maintaining lean muscle mass is the best catalyst to naturally and gracefully reducing excess body fat. [05:45]

Guess what? The first step is to eat less food. [09:00]

The Protein Lever Theory contends that our body, our brains will do whatever it takes to get enough protein every day. [12:48]

The first step is to get rid of the hyper palatable processed foods and allow your natural hunger and satiety signals to come to the forefront. [13:47]

Today’s hectic, stressful lifestyle and excessive exercise patterns exacerbate carbohydrate dependency. [14:53]

Be cautioned that when you are trying to cut back food, do it right. [16:06]

Emphasize foods that offer good satiety. We can’t calorie burn our way to fat reduction. [17:55]

Avoid long periods of stillness. Learn to exercise in spurts to complete muscular failure. [19:02]

There is nothing more challenging than running fast and jumping off the ground. [26:24]

You are going to have a hard time optimizing your diet if your sleep is compromised. [28:38]

Our central nervous system needs some down time after a day of digital stimulation. [36:02]

Have a healthy morning routine rather than reaching for that mobile device. [40:01]


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