Listener Q&A: Are Exercise Classes Healthy, Increasing Heart Problems Among Endurance Athletes, What Makes Bad Oils So Bad, And How To Time Intermittent Fasting For Maximum Benefit (Breather Episode with Brad)


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The listeners weigh in with some interesting and diverse questions, including: is a high intensity 45 minute boxing class too much? Are there ways to modify it? I talk about the extreme endurance hypothesis and why we need to pay more attention to the increasing incidence of heart problems among long-term hard core endurance enthusiasts. One listener who went from 17% fat to 13%, but lost muscle mass also, asks: how does one correct this?

I go into detail about what makes refined industrial seed oils so unhealthy and discuss the one common dietary recommendation from Dr. Ted Naiman, Dr. Doug McGuff, and Robb Wolf, and explain why this one food is so important for overall health, and even cancer prevention. I also talk about the tremendous benefits that come from sprinting and the importance of formulating your own specific, strategic blend of various kinds of workouts to support health and longevity I then compare and contrast the benefits of fasting after endurance exercise and strength sessions: should you replenish after high intensity sessions to minimize the stress impact? Thanks for listening and please continue sending all your questions and comments to


Dustin asks about his 45-minute rugged class in boxing at age 47. Is this going against the philosophy of HIRT vs. HIIT? [01:23]

Mario’s question is about there being a difference in your training regimen based on your fitness goals. [08:04]

Jeff “Iron” Montgomery reminds us to tone it down. The extreme endurance exercise hypothesis is real and it’s very, very dangerous to overdo it. [11:56]

Mark says in his attempt to lose body fat, he also lost some lean body mass. This concerns him. [15:45]

Scott Bellenger asks for an explanation of why refined industrial seed oils are bad for us. [20:21]

David is questioning the idea of pushing yourself to failure. Isn’t that risking injury? [27:52]



  • “Hit it hard then go home.”
  • “If you want to live longer, lift more weights, and eat more protein.” (Robb Wolf)

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