Listener Q&A: Broadening Fitness Ambitions, Being An Ideal Relationship Partner, And The Proven Benefits of Organ Supplementation (Breather Episode with Brad)


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A variety of interesting questions tee up some epic monologues from an enthusiastic host.

We talk about broadening fitness ambitions over a lifetime to branch out away from a narrow focus on triathlons - with much health, hormonal and longevity benefits. We also examine why MOFO Mission Assignment #10, Quit Being A Dick To Your Wife/Girlfriend, made the list. Then I get a super tee-up to discuss in detail the benefits of taking freeze-dried animal organs, such as the testicle, prostate, heart, liver, and bone marrow contained in Ancestral Supplements Male Optimization Formula with Organs. Beyond the ancient ancestral tradition of like supports like, we have modern science to confirm that animal organs have the distinct proteins, peptides, enzymes, co-factors and molecular biodirectors to optimize the function of the corresponding organs in humans.


Jim Johnson asks about the Male Optimization Formula maybe causing decline in testosterone. He wants to know if he should cycle on and off MOFO. [02:19]

Tuning up your diet and focusing on physical achievements is the way to go. Your blood work can fluctuate. [05:57]

Eating animal organs from 100% grass fed cattle is recommended. Brad tells about his spectacular healthy smoothie that keeps him strong. [09:46]

A good suggestion from CJ is asking Brad to put his Macadamia Masterpiece nut butter blend into squeeze packaging so he can take it on the way. Also, he asks Brad why they keep running out of the delicious nut butter. [14:42]

Are there some ideas for quickly prepared but healthy lunch meals for a quick out-the-door, no time guy? [18:17]

Joey is asking about his wife’s struggle with trying to eat low carb or paleo. She’s okay for a while and then never adjusts. Make sure she is eating enough nutrient dense food. [19:40]

Yosef suggests that Brad’s Macadamia Masterpiece be made Kosher. He also asks about having a “cheat day” once a week. Brad prefers the term “Celebration Day.” [25:22]


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