Steven Sashen: The Beauty Of Barefoot Living (And The Fallacies Of Footwear)


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Get ready for a fun and lively conversation about the many benefits of living a barefoot-style lifestyle with Steven Sashen!

Steven is the co-founder and CEO of the fantastic minimalist footwear company, Xero Shoes, which he started with wife after discovering the comfort, benefits, and fun that comes with natural movement. In this episode, we focus on the wonderful physical changes that come from getting back to basics and truly honoring the ancestral living approach, head to toe! We talk about the marketing forces that have always played a huge role in shaping the shoe industry and Steven shares some great ideas for integrating more barefoot time into your daily life. He also implores us to ask ourselves one question: Do my feet feel better at the end of the day than they did at the beginning? If they don’t, then it’s time to consider getting a pair of Xero shoes so you can feel the difference for yourself.

A Masters All-American sprinter and former All-American gymnast, Steven has spent time working as a stand-up comic and cognitive psychology researcher, and has also taught Tai Chi and Zen Archery. Additionally, Steven is the creator of Scriptware, the industry-standard word processor for film and TV writers. Learn more about Xero Shoes here!


Living barefoot style is getting back to basics. [01:11]

Whatever you put on your feet will change your gait. [04:32]

Running barefoot on cement you naturally optimize the impact. [07:38]

When reading about studies and research, it is important to look at the context. Who is sponsoring the study? [09:15]

Powerful marketing forces send a message that the ultimate expression of an athlete is to complete an Ironman or marathon. [13:06]

Studies show that testing people’s time for a mile turned out to be an excellent predictor of longevity and disease risk. [15:36]

Steven got into sprinting and continues into the higher age group. He studies his proper form when running barefoot. [19:51]

Steven explains a perfect running form that he has learned from being barefoot. It is hard for some people to even feel where their feet are landing. [25:54]

Is there a decrease in the incidence of positive tests on the runners today? [34:23]

Take off the padded constrictive heel-elevated shoes and try the barefoot style. [36:56]

It’s not about the footwear. It’s about the form. [39:47]

It seems the heavily padded shoes are coming back. Padding does not reduce impact forces. [46:57]

There are many things about shoes that are misunderstood. [52:08]

Sometimes the shoe can make your gait change without you even realizing it. [54:26]

The way shoes are marketed influences performance because of expectations. [56:33]

When purchasing shoes, it is important to think about how your foot is designed, not just the cushy comfort. [01:02:40]


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