Update On Brad's Breathing Practice And Inspiration To Reduce Stress And Improve Workout Performance (Breather Episode with Brad)


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I have been diligently working on improving my breathing technique since recording a show all about the basics of nasal parasympathetic breathing and improving C02 tolerance, and this episode should help you get started too, as I walk you through an update of my personal experience with this breathing technique.

In the first show about breathing, I explained the starting point of nasal parasympathetic breathing, which is to breathe as minimally as possible, through your nose only at all times, day and night for the rest of your life (with the exception of when you desperately need more air during intense exercise) and talked about the science that dispels the common flawed notion that we want to breathe in as much oxygen as possible in order for our bodies to take in as much oxygen as possible. The truth is, unless you are in the hospital with a serious disease or condition, we actually all have plenty of oxygen in our bloodstream, and many people aren’t even aware of the fact that having a low CO2 tolerance is an indication that your body is doing a poor job delivering oxygen to the working muscles that need it.

In this episode, you’ll hear about what I have noticed from deliberately becoming more conscious of nose breathing during the day, tips for improving C02 tolerance and oxygenation, why overbreathing leaves our body literally gasping for oxygen, and why overbreathing will not help your athletic performance.


When you make attempts to breathe deeply and inhale oxygen, it elicits a stress response rather than a relaxation response. [01:27]

When exercising, of course, you suck in the air that you need. [03:23]

Our blood already has plenty of oxygen, almost all the time. [08:19]

When you are at high altitude, your oxygen level will go down because the body needs to put more oxygen into the muscles and tissues. [11:15]

The greater the carbon dioxide you can tolerate, the more oxygen will be released to working muscles, organs and tissues. [15:40]

You can breathe deeply and lightly at the same time. [19:16]

It is important to learn to breathe through your nose during sleep. [28:20]



  • "Breathe as minimally as possible through your nose only, at all times, for the rest of your life." (McKeown)
  • "True health and inner peace occurs when breathing is quiet, effortless, soft, through the nose, abdominal, rhythmic and with a gentle pause on the exhale." (McKeown)

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