Building Strength Through Little Victories with Eric Tozer


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On this episode we talk with Eric Tozer. Eric is a remarkable person who, while he often gets the spotlight due to his work with his non-profit Diabetes Sports Project, is a super humble guy and really in it to shine a light on others. Eric is specifically interested in helping other type 1 diabetic athletes succeed in their athletic pursuits. But it goes much further than that. He’s also focused on how the success of competitive and endurance sports all translates from inspiration to action. What Eric learned early on is that it’s one thing to be inspirational, it’s another to actually help others take the steps necessary to become better versions of themselves despite having a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

Our conversation goes on a journey from Eric’s childhood in Sacramento, CA as a competitive soccer player through an NCAA Championship run. We discuss his sudden loss of 20 pounds and the surprise diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at the age of 22. Since that diagnosis, Eric has run multiple Ironman triathlons and marathons. We also discuss the trials and victories he experienced through a 15 day 3,000 mile foot race from San Diego to NYC with nine other T1D runners.

You’ll learn that his athletic accomplishments are truly admirable but his work away from competing is even more special. Eric co-founded the Diabetes Sports Project to support type 1 athletes of all ages. Eric’s passion for using sport as a tool to lead a healthy and successful life is clear throughout our conversation, and we are grateful to be able to feature him on this episode of the BRAVEST podcast.

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