Creating Fashion That Empowers With Natalie Balmain


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On the show today we have Natalie Balmain.

Natalie is based over in the UK and she’s an actress, a voice over artist, and she works in community health as well. Earlier this year she added the title Founder and CEO to her credits.

A couple of years ago Natalie had an idea to create clothing that was not only fashionable, but also functional, for women who are living with diabetes. Her company is named Type 1 Clothing and Natalie has been recognized by the BBC and people like Chelsea Clinton, for her practical, yet remarkable, contribution to the world.

In our conversation, Natalie and I get into her hard-headed personality traits and how this served her in her pursuit of her art and making an impact. We talk about losing her mom at a very young age. We discuss her battle with depression after being diagnosed at the age of 20, and how, over several years, she worked her way out of a very dark place.

Natalie then shares her inspiration and creative process for her expanding line of clothing geared toward those living with type 1 diabetes.

We uncover the stressors associated with running a start-up, and how Natalie supports herself to ensure she is taking care of her physical and mental well-being.

This is an interesting conversation on persistence and a desire to demonstrate to the world that anything is possible if we tap into our creativity and express it in a manner that is true to our own personal style and nature.

Natalie is a unique person who is not only using her platform of fashion to help raise awareness, but she’s also contributing funds from the profits of her company to support type 1 diabetes research around the world.

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