Floating And Next Level Consciousness With Andy Zaremba


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Andy Zaremba is the founder of FloatHouse in Vancouver, British Columbia. He straddles the line between entrepreneur, podcaster, and insight seeker. There is one common thread that weaves its way through all of his work, and that is human development.

In this episode Andy and I talk about the premature birth of his daughter and how that served as a catalyst for him to journey down a path of self-exploration. We also discuss his growing business, and we go deep into the world of flotation tanks and the many benefits of sensory reduction.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of floating and sensory reduction, hold on for a super interesting conversation. I’ve been fascinated by the science behind floating for a couple of years, and this conversation really brings together the history, the research and the many benefits that we all can realize from floating.

As you’ll learn, the process of simply enveloping ourselves in a controlled environment allows us to minimize sensory information from all channels, to experience simply being. While there’s definitely meditative components at play here, the outcomes, as Andy describes, are quite remarkable from a physiological as well as a psychological perspective.




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