Guiding Our Kids To Be Greater Than Their Challenges With Steven & Jenn Kramer


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The story we’re going to uncover today is an emotional one. The cuts are still fairly fresh, and the challenges are very real. If you’re a parent of a child with type 1, this will be an important episode for you. Also, if you or someone you know was recently diagnosed, you will certainly gain a lot of perspective from my conversation with Steven and Jenn Kramer.

Steven and Jenn were blindsided by the whirlwind diagnosis their five year old son Hayden was handed earlier this year. In our time together, we discuss the months leading up to Hayden’s diagnosis. We talk about the behavioral changes Steven and Jenn noticed, as well as Hayden’s non-stop trips to the bathroom and unquenchable thirst. Ultimately, a trip to the doctor confirmed that Hayden had type 1 diabetes, and the Kramer family was propelled into the next chapter of life.

Emotion plays a major role in any life change, and in our interview, Jenn openly shares shares her personal battle with depression following Hayden’s diagnosis. We also talk about how Steven played a major role in her finally getting professional help. We discuss the importance of family and community, as well as how critical it is for Steven and Jenn to find the energy and time to take care of themselves.

We wrap up this interview talking about their new venture, Greater Than, which is aimed at raising funds to support diabetes research and also creating awareness that we are all much greater than our challenges.

Let me preface this interview by saying, while I am a big fan of what they’re doing and I support them 100%, this is not an advertisement for their company. This conversation was actually prompted by an experience I recently had, which I talk about briefly in the first few minutes. I knew, in basic terms what Steven and Jenn went through with Hayden, and I believe their insights will be of huge value to other parents out there.

This is a conversation about family, about love, and how we can teach our kids to do anything in life they desire, despite any obstacles they might encounter along the way.

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