PODCAST TAKEOVER With Rob Howe From Diabetics Doing Things


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A while back I was connected to Rob Howe. If you guys don’t know who he is, Rob created this pretty amazing podcast called 'Diabetics Doing Things' and that's the show where he interviews remarkable people living with type 1 diabetes, all that in an attempt to spread awareness about type 1. I love to listen to his show, and when we were connected, I knew it would make a ton of sense to collaborate in some way, not only because our missions are so closely related, but I also loved his personal story.

What we decided to do to kick off this collaboration is to literally do a takeover of each other’s show. The idea behind all of that was that we spend so much energy sharing the stories of the remarkable people we interview, why not work with each other to really dig into our own respective stories, with a view on revealing some of the most important and foundational elements about our own lives that make us who we are and that also serve as the cornerstones for each of our podcasts.

What you’ll hear this week is my interview where we flip the host mic around and I let Rob take over the show to ask me pretty much anything. This was a crazy experience for me because I’m so used to being the one to ask the questions and guide us all down a path of exploration. But instead, this time I’m the one being asked the questions.

I loved talking wth Rob and it definitely gets deep at times. In our conversation we get into my childhood, we talk about the details of the intense month leading up to my diagnosis with type 1, and we get into overcoming challenges and the support system that I have in place to help me get over difficult times. We talk about my history with skate and music culture, and the concept of starting a movement, and we then come full circle to how that part of my childhood relates deeply to the podcast. That was something that Rob actually uncovered for me personally during the course of our interview.

Rob also gets me to open up about being a dad, developing my mindset, the concept of legacy, and ultimately setting an example for those around us through our actions.

This is a cool conversation and I’m grateful to Rob for taking the time to ask some difficult, yet super meaningful, questions that really made me dig deep into different parts of my mind. I think he does a great job of illustrating how my experiences in life have shaped and created the point at which I stand today. This conversation could not come at a better time, specifically as I’m now looking deeper into clarifying the bigger picture and how this venture will enable me to fulfill some highly personal dreams and goals.

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