Stories From The Road With Annalisa van den Bergh


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On today’s show we have my conversation with Annalisa van den Bergh. Annalisa was introduced to me through my good buddy Erik Douds who was featured on Episode 14 of the podcast. Annalisa was raised in NYC and had a very interesting upbringing as a city kid. Her mom and dad were creatives, and she spent her childhood embedded in that creative world as well as a significant amount of time traveling. It wasn’t until her mom passed away that a switch was flipped in her mind and she made a conscious effort to pursue a very specific path in life. In Annalisa’s words, ‘trauma made her rethink everything’ and she set out on an adventure to combine creativity, storytelling and long-distance bike travel. In our conversation we talk about her mindset, her travels, her diagnosis with type 1 diabetes, and her upcoming project called ‘Miles of Portraits’ where she will be setting off with Erik on a long-distance bike journey through Alaska, and capturing that trip in a documentary as well as a magazine. This is a touching conversation with a message for all of us. Through her story, Annalisa encourages all of us to consider taking the path less traveled, simply because, while life can be beautiful, it can also be short.

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