Turning Tragedy Into Triumph With Amberly Lago


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Amberly Lago is a Texas girl who found herself in Los Angeles pursuing her childhood dreams of being a dancer. Ultimately, she landed jobs as a fitness model, she was a Nike endorsed athlete, she was frequently seen on the Body By Jake fitness infomercials, and she had a super successful personal training business. Life looked amazing for Amberly, until, on one picture perfect Southern California day, she was struck by a pickup truck when riding her Harley Davidson. That accident left Amberly lying on the pavement fighting for her life. As she describes in our conversation, her leg was crushed, her femoral artery was severed, and her world was forever changed. Thirty-four surgeries and a lifetime of pain later, Amberly was able to save her leg and now she tells her story on today’s show and in her new book, which is called: ‘True Grit and Grace: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph’. That book is set for release this week. This is a conversation about gratitude, resilience and one person’s fight to not only survive, but truly thrive, despite life’s insane circumstances.

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