When Life Pushes, Push Back Harder With BJ Garceau


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Coming straight off her first MMA fight, and her first win, BJ Garceau has had a long road to the octagon. When you listen to BJ, by the sound of her voice, you would never expect her to be a fighter. But the more you learn about her, the more you realize, being a fighter presents itself in many forms.

Diagnosed with spinal meningitis at 4 months old, BJ was left with complete hearing loss in one ear as a result. Growing up she was always known as the ‘sick kid’. At 4 years old she was diagnosed with asthma, then at 11 she was hit with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. But even at a young age, nothing slowed her down.

This conversation is a masterclass on the path to becoming a warrior, regardless who you are. BJ and I talk about how experiencing significant adversity early on in life, likely sets us up to have a fighter mindset. And we also discuss shaping our mentality with every experience to not look for the excuses or the easy path.

BJ and I also talk about growing up in the 1980s, binge watching Stranger Things. We also cover BJ's love of music, our common bond of playing bass guitar and her love of none other than Jean Claude Van Dam.



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