Your Challenge Is Your Power With Greg Schreeuwer


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On today’s show we have Dr. Greg Schreeuwer. Greg is a chiropractor by training, but he functions at the crossroads of kinesiology, human behavior, the mind/ body interaction, as well as our interaction with the world around us.

Greg was born in South Africa and was raised in Australia. He describes himself as a curious kid who always sought out new adventures. He characterizes himself as a sensitive kid, who was bullied throughout his childhood, all the way through young adulthood. We talk quite a bit about his specific situation with being bullied and how that served as a foundation for some of his work today.

As a result of his experiences being bullied, Greg has done a tremendous about of inner work on himself. What he has come to understand is that there is actual value in the opposing forces thrown at us in life. And that value is to help us come back to some sense of balance. This perspective surprised me, but as Greg went on to describe his thoughts, it started to make perfect sense me.

We cover a broad range of topics in this conversation, including the anti-hack mindset, how to work smarter towards our goals, and Greg’s belief that bullies are actually the change makers for humanity. At it’s core, this is a conversation about how we can recognize and find the power in opposing forces in our life and use that to our advantage.

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