#71 - Paul Tracogna: Integral Development For A Trapeze Artist


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In the 71st Episode of The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast, Chris, Mike and our special guest, flying trapeze artist, founder of The Owl & The Pussycat w/ his wife Adrienne Jack-Sands, Paul Tracogna will talk about Learning Errors, mental rehearsal and different principles for an integral development and trapeze artist.

Join us in this insightful and amazing talk!

In this chapter you will discover:


(0:30) Introducing our special guest, flying trapeze artist, founder of The Owl & The Pussycat w/ his wife Adrienne Jack-Sands, Paul Tracogna

(1:30) Paul origin story and he got in the world of artistic trapeze

(4:30) Do trapeze artists do a self check of everything they need before their performance?

(5:30) Paul contribution to StrongFirst @Strongfirst

(8:00) Paul background of Crossfit

(9:30) The importance of controlling your muscle mass as a trapeze artist

(12:00) General Physical Preparation, Specifical Physical Preparation, Especial exercises and Competitive exercise

(14:30) Practicing exercises in a block format

(16:00) Strength Aerobic Protocols, shout out to Brett Jones @brettjonessfg

(20:00) Variability and the concept of learning errors

(23:20) Detaching oneself from mistakes

(24:00) “Failure is just feedback” - Paul Tracogna

(24:30 The Inner Game of Tennis Book by Timothy Gallwey https://www.amazon.com/Inner-Game-Tennis-Classic-Performance/dp/0679778314

(26:00) The Mindset of a beginner and a primal sense of exploration

(27:00) The importance of having a good sense of curiosity

(29:00) Kettlebell partner passing, shout out to Michael Castrogiovanni

(30:00) The dangers of social media

(32:00) Being vulnerable and being aware of your ego

(35:00) Instagram, being obsessed with the instant

(38:00) Integral development for a trapeze artist

(39:00) Paul experience with Cirque du Soleil @cirquedusoleil

(40:50) Mental rehearsal, preparing your mindset as a trapeze artist

(41:35) Visualization from 1st and 3rd person

(42:00) Physical, emotional and intellectual

(43:30) Shout out to Brian Grasso and Iron Tamer Dave @irontamer

(45.50) “You are how you feel”

(46.30) “As a beginner you have to watch yourself from the outside as a 3rd person, in an intermediate stage you have to almost purely stay internal. And as you become more advanced you start to go on autopilot which is a very good thing and a bad thing at some points”

(47:50) “Before i knew the way, a kick was just a kick and a punch was just a punch. While i was learning the way a kick was more than just a kick and a punch was more than just a punch, and once i knew the way a kick was once again a kick and a punch was once again a punch” - Bruce Lee

(48:40) The principle of Automaticity

(57.30) Where to contact Paul Tracogna https://www.kettlebell.works/


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