Episode 02 (Season 02) - Managing Inbreeding in Cattle Production - Pitfalls and Rewards


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Inbreeding can give high, hidden costs in your dairy herd — and be quite difficult to spot. How can you manage inbreeding well? How can you ensure a healthy herd with sufficient genetic variety?

In this episode, you get to hear from a Breeding Specialist who's doing a PhD on inbreeding. We're also joined by a Breeding Manager with decades of experience in breeding for health and performance. Both of them share their best tips on how to manage inbreeding in your herd — and reveal why some inbreeding can actually be good.

Saija Tenhunen, Ph.D. student and Breeding Specialist at VikingGenetics
Peter Larson, Product Manager for VikingJersey, at VikingGenetics

Hielke Wiersma

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